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Hello, my name is Pedro and I’ve been surfing all my life…. really, in fact, my mother says that when she was 8 months pregnant of me, she got hit by a wave in her tummy and I flipped over inside and ended up being born feet first.

The result is that in the ocean I can surf comfortably (I think) almost any surf craft, from shortboard or longboard, handsurf or Skimmboard, SUP Waves or Downwind. As a matter fact I think I am addicted to it… addicted to the glide, the feeling of riding waves through water.

Living and growing up in the Lisbon/Ericeira area was really a challenge, all sorts of surf spots, this is for sure the most surfable European capital, and my daily quest for checking conditions and finding good waves was so intense that it has become an obsession. I worked as graphic designer art director for more than 25 years and managed to keep surfing almost every day, sometimes before work or on my lunch break, always checking the swell forecast, winds, tides. There was little space for errors, if I wanted to surf I had to know where.

Those days are gone, and now I can do it for fun, I am a certified surf instructor and a surf guide, no longer surfing on a tight schedule, living slow and just wanting to find the best place to surf and share it with one or two friends.


Surf Guiding Portugal is based in Ericeira and covering all the Lisbon area.
Within a 50 km you can enjoy the rich culture of the city while still finding world class waves.



Spot Guiding

1 Surf Session

Pick up & Drop off

Aprox. 4h


Spot Guiding

2 Surf Session

Pick up & Drop off

Aprox. 7h

We offer Surf Guiding Portugal exclusively for you and your friends, we will find a spot so it doesn’t get too crowded in the water. You can choose to book one of our packages by yourself or bring along up to two friends and we will give you a special price.

 If you would like to book multiple days or a Surf Trip packages, please let us know and we can arrange your Surf Guiding experience individually, especialy made to your holiday.

No transport? No problem!

All our packages include the pick up and drop off from your holiday home in or around Lisbon.

Attention neither surf material nor housing is included in the packages, but shoot us a message and we can arrange everything for you. We have all kind of options, from beginners soft Boards, to high performance  SUPs.

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